Strombo Tanks In America

It’s probably premature to declare the demise of George Stroumboulopoulos’ CNN foray, but the popular Canadian talk show host’s new program on U.S. TV debuted on Sunday night to some of the network’s...

CNN Releases Details On New Strombo Show

CNN has released the name and time-slot for George Stroumboulopoulos' new show on the American news network. "Stroumboulopoulos" will debut on Sunday, June 9 and then air regularly on Friday evenings...
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7 Reasons To Love Strombo

I've had a wee bit of a media boner for George Stroumboulopoulos since his early days on MuchMusic, schooling young Canadians on all the kickass alternatives to pop and mainstream music. I've chatted with him briefly at events over the years and he's always obliging and engaging, no matter how busy he is or how many other admirers are waiting in the wings to talk to him. Which is why I thought I'd publish a list of reasons to love Strombo.