The Other Canadian Defence Boondoggle

HALIFAX - One of Canada's four problem-plagued submarines was slowly lowered into Halifax harbour on Wednesday, more than three years after a refit was due to be completed.HMCS Windsor began the three...

Glitchy Second-Hand Subs Staying

OTTAWA - Canada's glitch-prone, second-hand submarines will be with the navy until at least 2030, but defence planners will begin drawing up a replacement program within the next four years.Vice-Admir...

Sub Fleet Has 'Spotty' History: MacKay

Canada's submarine fleet has a "spotty" history and while HMCS Corner Brook's crash was "unfortunate," no one was in danger and the damage will be repaired, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Tuesday....

Useless Subs Will Sink Our Navy

What advantage would nuclear subs give Canada? Well, we could better detect Russian subs under Arctic ice. What would we do if we detected Russian subs? Well, we could inform the CBC which would relay the fact to Canadians. Would we consider torpedoing a Russian sub? Good gracious no!