Tax Loopholes


Does Flaherty Care About Tax Fairness?

A few small tax perks were closed this budget time around. But the revenue resulting from tweaking non-resident trusts and a handful of other insider loopholes are estimated at only $50 to $80 million in 2015-16. It makes one wonder if Jim Flaherty is committed to the business of fair taxation.

Close Tax Loopholes So the Rich Pay More

Top income earners with taxable income of over $135,000 are taxed at 29 per cent -- about average for an industrialized country. But because they have a lot more tax loopholes they can take advantage of, the average income tax rate paid by the richest 1 per cent was only 19.7 per cent. How is that fair?

How the Budget Measured Up

....much more needs to be done, especially on tax havens The Tax Fairness message seems to be getting through. It was a key theme in the Federal Budget 2013. While we are pleased there were some promi...