The Rise of Low-Cost Terrorism

Encouraged by underground support communities, Al-Qaeda-inspired terrorists usually act on their own without direct operational control or funding from international terrorist networks. This differs greatly from the 9/11 attacks, which were heavily orchestrated and funded through international terrorist affiliates.

Terror Plot Posed No Threat

VANCOUVER - To people who knew them, the couple accused of planning to bomb a crowded Canada Day celebration at the British Columbia legislature were Johnny and Anna — a pair of "street punks" who str...

Islam At War -- With Itself

Muslim societies have evolved into places where revenge is confused with justice, forgiveness with weakness, and peace with cowardice. These are the places where unholy men wage holy wars against unarmed civilians, pitting Muslims against other Muslims.

Calling Terror by its Rightful Name

Canadian and international media often shy away from using the word "terrorism" and its variants when discussing violence directed against Israelis, despite using this term to describe similar acts of...

HUMOUR:Atheist Suicide Bomber Kills 18 Agnostics

In a frightening display of rising sectarian violence, an atheist suicide bomber blew himself up on a busy street in Stockholm three days ago; killing eighteen agnostics and wounding over thirty. Members of the 'Swedish Atheistic Liberation Front' (SALF) have claimed responsibility for the bombing. Declaring the attack as revenge against the explosive agnostic riots, which, last week, hospitalized several atheists and terrorized the atheistic community.

When Terrorism Meets Financial Fraud

This was the first chilling example as to how cyber terrorism could bring down the financial system, or specific institutions or persons. Obviously, new safeguards must be put in place by legitimate media brands, regulators, new media outlets like Twitter, markets, corporations and governments.

Iranians With 'Sinister Motives'

OTTAWA - Canada's border agency has flagged the possibility of Iranians with "sinister motives" slipping into the country — a warning that came in the months leading to the arrest of two men charged w...
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The Root Cause of Terrorism: "I Want to Kill You"

If truth is the first casualty of war, logic is often the first casualty of terrorism. Especially in the Canadian editorial pages. Once fashionable notions that death-cult Bin Ladenism is somehow a coherent political movement based around a sensible critique of American ugliness, or one inclined to spare gentle Canada from its reactionary wrath (providing we behave), are nowhere near as ubiquitous as when columnist Andrew Coyne was assembling his rouge's gallery. It took 11 years and two attempted attacks but the message of terrorism, it seems, is finally getting through. At some point, "I want to kill you" is simply too hard to misinterpret.

Neighbour Complained

MONTREAL - One of the suspected terrorists accused of plotting to derail a passenger train would have run-ins with his next-door neighbour because his loud prayers would wake him up at all hours of th...

Blaming America For the Boston Bombing

According to senior UN official Richard Falk, the killing and maiming of all those innocent people at the Boston marathon can be rationally explained as a by-product of America's many geopolitical acts of attempted global domination. This is similar to Trudeau's conclusion.

Anti-Terror Bill PASSES

A bill that would revive some provisions of Canada's Anti-terrorism Act passed in the House of Commons Wednesday night. The Liberals joined the Conservatives to pass the bill — known as S-7, the comb...

Anti-Terror Bill PASSES

OTTAWA - When the Conservatives suddenly decided to bring anti-terrorism legislation to a vote, they pinned the urgency on current events.The move to go ahead with the Combating Terrorism Act after it...

Terror Lives Here Too

Despite abundant evidence, Canadians still have considerable difficulty accepting the presence of international terrorists. We like to believe that nobody would want to harm us, but the terrible reality is that there are terrorists who would like nothing better than to kill large numbers of us.

The Timing of the Anti-Terrorism Bill Is a Play on Our Emotions

The arrest by the RCMP of two individuals who were allegedly planning out a terrorist attack on a VIA Rail train will only heighten our level of anxiety as the scare hits closer to home. Reintroducing these provisions seems nothing more than an attempt by the Conservative government to further prove its 'tough on terror' credentials. But when our laws appear to be working -- results of brave and successful law enforcement operations -- attempting to play on our fears by using emotion over reason does not do justice to the seriousness this discussion this requires.
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New Anti-Terrorist Laws Would Put Canadians' Liberties at Risk

Monday's announcement that the RCMP broke an apparent terrorist ring set to derail a VIA passenger train is good news. It shows that Canada's existing terrorism laws work. What the announcement does not show is the need for draconian new laws. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says Canada needs tougher anti-terrorism laws -- laws which his government has put before Parliament. Canadians are being asked to give up liberty for a terrorist threat that seems to be in hand.

Anti-Terror Policies Must Uphold Canadian Values

Personal learnings from the Countering Violent Extremism portfolio echoed the sentiments that Justin Trudeau expressed following the Boston Bombings -- to get to the root cause to prevent future attacks. Last year I had the chance to work with the Department of Public Safety on National Security Policy, and if there's one thing that you need to focus on in preventing any kind of violence from happening -- whether it be localized gun violence or terrorism -- it's the root cause. Mind you, gun violence and extremism are two very different animals, but what they do share in common is an immature and ridiculous sense of expression through violence.

'Strange, Surprising, Shocking'

Two men charged in an alleged al-Qaida supported terror plot to attack a Via Rail passenger train disputed the allegations against them Tuesday as they made their first appearances in court.Raed Jaser...