The Main Ingredients

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One-pot Wonders

It's actually super easy to make tasty meals like lasagna and roast chicken in a skillet. Learn how to make all your favourite comfort recipes in a
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This Is How You Make Dorito Dust

There are few people in this world that can resist the allure of Doritos. The company, which has been producing the nacho chips since the 1960s (did you know they originated at Disneyland?), is the ep...

Top 10: Epic Eggplant Recipes

Eggplant, also known as aubergines, are incredible this time of year. Whether you try the thick dark variety or the tiny ivory type, eggplants have a slight smokey flavour that is enhanced with grilli...
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Three Tips For Baking With Butter

Most baking requires butter as an ingredient, and chances are you just melt it and mix it when the directions on the recipe tell you to. What you probably aren't aware of is that there are a few thing...
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To Soak Or Not To Soak?

Most recipes will tell you, if you're cooking with beans you better soak them before hand so they cook better and faster. That's great for those of you who meal plan the night (or weekend) before but...

Tastes Like Team Spirit

Since football games are so often preceded by tailgating parties, it's definitely time to start planning that menu. With football season in swing, why not show your spirit with the perfect hot dogs, t...

10 Ways You're Misusing Salt

There is one product that every kitchen needs: salt. Lots of home cooks view salt as optional, but in reality it is a non-negotiable part of cooking. Nothing adds more flavour to your food than salt....
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9 Reasons To Love Vinegar

You may love dipping your French fries in it or drizzling it over your salad with oil, but it turns out vinegar actually has some benefits aside from tasting great. According to NBC, vinegar is quickl...

Bigger Isn't Always Better

Sometimes the tiniest thing can make all the difference, right? That's definitely the case with these ingredients-they may be small in size, from a thread of saffron to a meaty scallop, but they pack...
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How To Make A No-Fail Omelette

For diners, the omelette continues to serve as a menu staple for many breakfast and brunch joints. But if you're on the other side of the restaurant business, chances are many chefs remember the omele...

12 Ways To Make Mushrooms Better

Earthy, meaty and with deep 'umami' flavour, (umami being recognized as 'the fifth taste', after salty, bitter, sweet and sour) the versatility of the humble mushroom cannot be denied. Whether fried w...
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The Sweetest Thing

If the food served at the Emmy Awards indicates any trends, Witch Finger grapes are about to get very, very popular. The grapes, which get their name from their long and slim appearance, are a hybrid...