The Main Ingredients

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13 Berries You Should Be Eating

Perhaps your first thought upon reading this article about a U.S.-led movement to change the name of Saskatoon berries to juneberries was not "How dare they?!" but "What's a Saskatoon berry?" If that'...

Don't Try This At Home

When it comes to food, homemade is always best right? Not necessarily. Sure, homemade food is often tastier and more nutritious than store-bought stuff or take-out, but sometimes the items at the bake...
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The Main Ingredients Spring Edition: Roasting Challenge (Challenger's Meal)

When I found out that this week's challenge would require me to roast all of my food, I had to get creative to incorporate my gluten-free grain of choice, quinoa. For my dish I drew inspiration from two different recipes and worked in some of our main ingredients to create something healthy and delicious. I settled on a yogurt-marinated chicken, and took a chance on roasted quinoa (as opposed to the usual stovetop method of cooking).
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The Main Ingredients Spring Edition: Slow Cooking (Challenger's Meal)

Mealtime is even more hectic than usual because, for the first time, I'm solely responsible for planning and prepping meals for the entire family. Whereas my wife and I teamed up on past cooking challenges, I was alone in the kitchen this time. Unfortunately, my skills are not even on par with an Iron Microwave Chef. Fortunately, the challenge was to create a healthy meal using "slow cooking" methods, which is ideal for my "minimalist" cooking style.
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The Main Ingredients Spring Edition: Slow-Cooking Challenge (Chef's Meal)

For my first course, I'm going with a classic hunter's style chicken with a few of my own twists. Many different cultures make this style of chicken and the most celebrated are probably chicken Cacciatore from Italy, and chicken Chasseur from France. The beauty of slow cooking is the intricate flavours and layers are developed by the gentle cooking process itself, rather than a lot of effort on the cook's part.