Media Bites: Trouble Sleeping? Try One Dose of Throne Speech

Well, so much for a "different kind" of throne speech. Though Minister Moore and his bored allies in the press had gone out of their way to hype the idea that yesterday's state-of-the-Tory-agenda address to Parliament would be laser-like in its focus on the plight of Canada's middle-class consumers, Stephen Harper's #SFT13 ended up sounding very much like all the others -- hashtag notwithstanding.

Mother Nature Is Unimpressed by PM's Speech from the Throne

Mother Nature seems to be a little out of sorts these days. In excruciating detail, the IPCC documents her unhappiness with anthropogenic (a.k.a. man-made) activity. She is even giving some early warnings directly to the PM and his Minister of the Environment. Mother Nature is not impressed and neither are Canadians.

How the Throne Speech Was Like an Episode of Seinfeld

Yesterday's Throne Speech was a Seinfeld-like moment -- it was about nothing. Instead of using the Speech from the Throne as an opportunity to finally lay out a bold vision for tackling the most pressing issues facing Canadians, the Harper Conservatives served up more political gamesmanship, gimmicks and recycled, old policies.

Full Text Of Throne Speech

OTTAWA - Here is an unedited text of the throne speech delivered by Gov. Gen. David Johnston on Wednesday, as provided by the federal government:Honourable Senators,Members of the House of Commons,Lad...

Throne Speech Highlights

OTTAWA - Highlights from the throne speech delivered Wednesday by Gov. Gen. David Johnston:— Legislation coming to require balanced budgets during normal economic times and strict timelines for restor...

Let's Get This Party Started

OTTAWA - It's back to the business of politics in Ottawa today with a throne speech from the Harper Conservatives.But before that happens (5 p.m. ET), politicians of various stripes will gather togeth...

6 Things To Watch For In Throne Speech

The Conservative government is trying to put the focus on consumer issues in what is likely the last throne speech before a scheduled 2015 election. Many people are watching for Prime Minister Stephen...


OTTAWA - MPs last seen in the parliamentary precinct at the end of June return to work Wednesday following Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s extension of their summer recess past the Thanksgiving weeken...

When Parliament Will Return

OTTAWA - The two-year countdown to the next federal election begins with gusto on Oct. 16, with a new speech from the throne and a fresh round of attacks by the opposition.Prime Minister Stephen Harpe...