Tiff 2013


What's TIFF Worth?

The Toronto International Film Festival remains an important hub for making movie deals, even while it contributes an estimated $189 million to the local economy. A study by TNS Canada Ltd. conducted...

How to (Legally) Stalk Celebs at TIFF

I've watched enough rabid fans make terrible stalking mistakes only to be shut down by security to know exactly how I would track down my favourite celebs if one day I were to lose my press credentials (knock on wood). So you want to meet famous people, too? Forget the TIFF 2013 premiere schedule; you've got much smarter stalking to do.
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The Devil's Knot that Bound the West Memphis Three

Twenty years ago, three young boys were found murdered in a forest. The crime scene was appalling and -- most mysteriously -- there was no hard evidence. Who could have committed these horrors? If the evil force that killed the boys couldn't be found, then a comprehensible solution needed to be conjured. For all the talk of Satanic ritual and blood sacrifices discussed in the case, it is my firm belief that the only real act of magic was performed by the prosecution team as they convinced a jury to find three young men guilty in the complete absence of any physical proof.

Stargazing in Hollywood North

Some of the best places to spot celebs will be in those hotels, restaurants and coffee shops near the TIFF Bell Lightbox on King Street West or in the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood uptown. Both the King Street West Starbucks and the Starbucks between Yorkville and Bloor will be filled with Star power.

TIFF13: Simple, Hassle-Free Ways to Get Tickets

We are only a week away from the 2013 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival! The film announcements have been long since finalized and the only thing left to do is to secure tickets the festival screenings. I thought that I would give some tips to help save you from disappointment when you arrive at the box office.

TIFF 2013: Your Ticket Guide

If you've never participated in the advanced ordering process for the Toronto International Film Festival before, it can be a bit of a bewildering experience. Here are some tips.

TIFF 2013 Tickets Made Easy...ish

So you want TIFF tickets? Good luck. If you have a full-time job (that you enjoy and want to keep) serious TIFF-ing is probably not for you. Also, before you dive right in, know that there are a lot of bad films at film festivals, even TIFF. Now, here's your step by step guide to acquiring TIFF tickets.