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Forcing Women to Remove Their Niqabs Is Just Another Kind of Oppression

Perhaps there is an element to which the Conservatives truly believe they are fighting a cultural and religious practice that they find repugnant. Even still, that seems far beyond the point, as has been stated many times by various commentators: a conservative man forcing a woman not to wear a niqab is effectively the same violation of her liberty as a conservative man forcing her to wear the niqab. What could be more Canadian than including someone's harmless religious practices in a citizenship ceremony, or really any other facet of public life?
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Inside the Labour Campaign That Stopped Hudak

In all of the coverage of the Ontario election and the new Wynne government, the media has completely overlooked one of the most important stories of them all. What people don't realize is that the labour movement came together in an unprecedented way to defeat Progressive Conservative party leader Tim Hudak, and kept the U.S. anti-union movement out of Canada.

Guess Who's Back, Back Again

TORONTO - Tim Hudak is making his first appearance at the legislature since he resigned as leader of the Progressive Conservatives after losing the June 12 election.He says he missed the first two wee...

Hudak Got Bad Advice: Interim PC Leader

TORONTO - Ontario's Progressive Conservatives need to back off attack mode if they hope to form government again, new interim leader Jim Wilson said Wednesday.Wilson, who held the health and energy po...

Well, So Long Tim Hudak

Tim Hudak is set to bow out as the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Wednesday after five years on the job. Weeks ago, he hoped that come Canada Day, he would be leading the provin...

Meet Tim Hudak's Replacement

TORONTO - The governing Liberals will lay out a plan Thursday that won't just set their agenda for the next four years, but the next decade and beyond, Finance Minister Charles Sousa said Wednesday.Th...

Hudak Sets A Date To Step Down

TORONTO - One week after losing the Ontario election, Tim Hudak told his caucus Wednesday he will officially step down as Progressive Conservative leader July 2, the day the legislature returns under...

Andrea Horwath Is the Election's Biggest Loser

The biggest loser in this election is not the Hudak Conservatives, but the NDP. Had Ms. Horwath not defeated the May budget and triggered this election, she would have kept the minority Liberals hostage to her dictates. While the NDP is set to gain an additional seat in these elections, it has lost all legislative power it enjoyed only a few weeks ago. Hardly a success by any measure. Tim Hudak's Conservatives ran a far right Tea Partish campaign that took comfort and strength in ideology, flawed as it may be, and not in rationality.

Ontario's Liberals Didn't Win: The Other Parties Lost

Earlier this week, on CTV news, I predicted that two political parties would be looking for new leaders if the Ontario Liberals prevailed. Election day had yet to expire when Tim Hudak announced he would be stepping down, fulfilling half of my proposition. What I didn't say, but had meant to, was that defeating the party of Dalton McGuinty should be effortless, and that any leader unable to pull the thing off must be regarded as unfit. Never in my recollection has Ontario suffered a regime so deserving of a rude dismissal, and yet here we are, and here they are too, nothing having been altered by an election that may as well never have happened.

Hudak Flop A Lesson For Harper

Tim Hudak's staunch hard-right austerity message failed last night to vault his Progressive Conservatives over the incumbent Liberals, but pundits say the loss will also be a sobering lesson for...

Liberals Win Ontario Election

TORONTO - Kathleen Wynne powered Ontario's minority Liberals past a legacy of scandal Thursday, staving off aggressive assaults from the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats for an unexpected m...