WATCH: Time-Lapse Around Vancouver

What's your favourite place in Vancouver? A new time-lapse video is showing off the city's best areas. Published to YouTube on Monday by Jeremy R. Last, the video highlights the day-to-day beauty of V...

B.C., Alberta Time Lapse Is Beautiful

In what is probably the most tranquil time lapse video we've seen in a while, "Canadian Parks West" shows off the gorgeous lakes and greenery of British Columbia and Alberta. Shot by British photograp...

WATCH: Vancouver Fog Time-Lapse Videos

We've shown you Vancouver time-lapse videos. We've shown you Vancouver fog photos. But why has it taken us this long to show you what happens when the two are combined? (What happens is awesome.) We'v...
Elia Saikaly

How I Made a Time-Lapse Film of Mount Everest [VIDEO]

I'm honestly blown away at how many people have connected with my video, Everest -- Time Lapse Short Film. My goal was to bring to life the majestic beauty of the Himalayas and draw attention away from the negativity that has surrounded Everest in the past years. I wanted to remind people of the infinite possibility that the tallest mountain on Earth symbolizes in each of us.