Toronto Budget


Toronto Councillors See $86M Hole

A handful of city councillors say they're concerned about an $86-million hole in Mayor John Tory's proposed city budget. The problem is the province is pulling off the table money for housing and offe...

Rob Ford Votes Against His Own Budget

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appears to have the votes to pass the 2013 city budget, though he'll have to wait until at least Wednesday after councillors decided to suspend their discussions for the night....

Toronto's $200 Million Budget Hole

Toronto's budget committee has voted against recommending this year's police budget as the chair of the committee vows to closely scrutinize police spending. The matter of the police budget will now...

How Toronto Plans To Cut Thousands Of Jobs

The city has released a document showing how it intends to eliminate 2,300 jobs in the new year. The job cuts were announced earlier this week when Mayor Rob Ford released his proposed 2012 operating...

Toronto Headed For Lockout?

The head of one of Toronto's unions says a lockout is almost a certainty in January because the city wants to target so-called jobs for life provisions. "The city's initial offer is a direct attack o...

Why Rob Ford's Weight Is a Political Issue

The fact that Toronto's mayor is fat is relevant to the debate about his competency to do his duties. Not only does his risk for heart disease and stroke call into question his ability to remain physically healthy for an entire term, I think it also speaks to a level of personal irresponsibility and short-sightedness.

Ford And McGuinty To Meet

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will meet with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty on Wednesday morning but the topics the two will discuss aren't being revealed. The meeting between the two leaders if scheduled...

Rob Ford's Jig

Rob Ford danced into office promising to "stop the gravy train" at city hall. Problem is, he and his strategy are still dancing but there is no gravy. Now that we have seen each other in that committee room, and from behind a microphone, we must connect, strategize and resist.
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Rob and Doug Ford: Toronto's Brothers Grim

Things indeed have to change at City Hall. No one really knows how though, because the Fords' Toronto has become reactionary, too. A reactionary public, led by a reactionary mayor and flamed by a reactionary press has led to the disappearance of any sort of intelligent discourse.

Local Food System Needs Leadership, Not Penny-Pinching

The mayor of Canada's largest city is in cost-cutting mode and a local food policy, originally passed in 2008, has just escaped the chopping block. Well almost. As many locavores will tell you, there is the price on the grocery receipt and there are the costs that we pay elsewhere -- the hospital bills, the environmental debt and the money farmers pay out of their own pockets to stay afloat.