NDP And Freeland: Fans To Foes

OTTAWA — The NDP and the Liberals may be locked in nasty war of words in the Toronto Centre by-election but New Democrats were big fans of Chrystia Freeland before she became the Grit candidate. NDP...

PM Calls 4 Byelections For Nov. 25

OTTAWA - The battle for opposition supremacy is on after Prime Minister Stephen Harper set Nov. 25 as the date for four federal byelections.Harper called the byelections on Sunday for Toronto Centre,...

Byelection A Bellwether For 2015

TORONTO - The New Democrats and Liberals will elect their candidates for the upcoming byelection in a downtown Toronto riding Sunday, setting the stage for an epic battle in the next general election....

Media Bites: Linda McQuaig Is Exactly What the NDP Doesn't Need

The NDP recently announced the candidacy of Linda McQuaig in the Toronto Centre byelection. The trouble with McQuaig is that she's one of the most iconic far-left cranks working in the Canadian punditscape today, and therefore a candidate that single-handedly flushes down the john any NDP aspirations of claiming the pragmatic middle of Canadian politics. If you can envision a cartoonishly extreme left-wing position on something, chances are Linda McQuaig's taken it over the years.