Toronto Dealgamation


Blaming the Suburbs for Rob Ford Is Stupid and Entitled

It seems now's the time everyone in Toronto is looking for a scapegoat for Rob Ford, and that scapegoat is "the suburbs." And the ire that title is beginning to get thrown around with is starting the have all the trappings of actual hate speech. The majority of this attitude is coming from my peer group, from mid-20 to mid-30 somethings who regularly laud themselves as champions of social and political issues, with a variable perma-overflowing cornucopia of things to protest and defend -- anything but ignorant. But for all intensive purposes it is this same group of people who are now, in effect, "othering" the suburbs. It'd be an easy thing to shrug, to pass off as heat-of-the-moment, if it weren't so permeating and well, stupid.