Toronto International Film Festival


TIFF13: On Giallo Homages and Mass Walkouts

It is never a good thing when people decide to walk out of a screening, however it's probably worse when these walkouts happen at a film festival screening, in front of the creators of the film. However, when the movie in question is called The Strange Colour Of Your Body's Tears, one has to wonder: what did these people think they were watching?

Drawn From a Hat TIFF Reviews: The Husband

In The Husband, Hank is a petite, painfully skinny ad exec. He hates his job, his coworkers and basically his entire life. It's not hard to see why. Henry is solely responsible for looking after his baby, Charlie, because his wife Alyssa is in jail. She is a former teacher incarcerated for having sex with her 14-year-old student. It only gets worse from there, but it's a worthwhile character study.

SavvyMom Roundup: Jimmy Kimmel, the Real James Franco and More!

Now that reality is the new fiction/entertainment, I find myself doubting what's true or false. Is everyone on Facebook really that perfect? Are we raising a generation of wimps? Can homegrown videos reach nine million people organically? Is bacon a food or an industry? And for the love of God, will the real James Franco please stand up.

Cinemanovels at TIFF

Well, it's day four and two of the CINEMANOVELS public screenings are in the books. TIFF audiences are amazing. They were so enthusiastic about the film, and the questions they asked during the Q&A were smart and thoughtful.

Unforgettable Days (and Even Better Nights) With a True TIFF Insider

The very first year I produced the live coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival press conferences I met and became friends with one of the truly unique characters in the world of international cinema. Henri Behar is a fixture at Cannes as the moderator of the press conferences there, and years ago was asked to come to Toronto to reprise that same role here.

TIFF Reviews: Closed Curtain

A middle-aged man arrives at a seaside cottage. He closes the doors, hangs heavy black curtains over all of the windows, and then opens a duffle bag to reveal a little brown mutt. Soon thereafter, we learn that in his (unnamed) Islamic Republic, dogs have been banned. This is just the start of a thrilling, complex journey directed by infamous Iranian filmmaker, Jafar Panahi. It may be the biggest film I saw at TIFF.

Quick TIFF Reviews: The Fifth Estate (Dir: Bill Condon)

So much for all the buzz around The Fifth Estate, Bill Condon's frustratingly flat dramatization of the formation, triumphs, and sundering of WikiLeaks, the anarchist information-sharing website. Relying on tight close-ups and lengthy speeches, there is a distinctly made-for-TV feel to the proceedings which even great performances couldn't have overcome. But sadly, the biggest misstep falls on the shoulders of Benedict Cumberbatch.

What's TIFF Worth?

The Toronto International Film Festival remains an important hub for making movie deals, even while it contributes an estimated $189 million to the local economy. A study by TNS Canada Ltd. conducted...


Leading up to their 37th year, TIFF announced a fantastic lineup of films that--if films were chocolate--would make a cinema buff salivate. While the complete listing is a smorgasbord of foreign, local, big-name and independent items, there are a few that I particularly want to see. So here you have just a handful of entries on Shannon's list of films she hopes will make their way from TIFF to CIFF this year.

How to (Legally) Stalk Celebs at TIFF

I've watched enough rabid fans make terrible stalking mistakes only to be shut down by security to know exactly how I would track down my favourite celebs if one day I were to lose my press credentials (knock on wood). So you want to meet famous people, too? Forget the TIFF 2013 premiere schedule; you've got much smarter stalking to do.

TIFF13: Simple, Hassle-Free Ways to Get Tickets

We are only a week away from the 2013 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival! The film announcements have been long since finalized and the only thing left to do is to secure tickets the festival screenings. I thought that I would give some tips to help save you from disappointment when you arrive at the box office.

TIFF 2013 Tickets Made Easy...ish

So you want TIFF tickets? Good luck. If you have a full-time job (that you enjoy and want to keep) serious TIFF-ing is probably not for you. Also, before you dive right in, know that there are a lot of bad films at film festivals, even TIFF. Now, here's your step by step guide to acquiring TIFF tickets.

Toronto's Other Film Festival

As Toronto and the film industry gear up for another go-round at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) next month, another cinematic showcase is prepping for its opening in the city. The CaribbeanTales Toronto Film Showcase gets underway on August 17th and continues into September.