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Ask a Realtor: Don't Hold Back on Holdback Offers

Holdback offers are a marketing sales strategy whereby the property is listed for perhaps 5 per cent under market value and offers are held back for a week. Benefits of holdback offers to the seller: not just an increase in price but also an efficiency of time. Less time on the market if it works and less stress for the seller!

Condo Madness?!

Today Toronto leads all cities in North America with 132 high-rise buildings currently under construction. If you're like me and own a unit downtown, you can't help but be a little nervous about where all of this is heading.

Why This Cool Kid Moved to Hamilton

I got a chuckle out of the news that Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina had invited Canadian literary icon, Margaret Atwood, to pay his city a visit. I must admit, the recent shenanigans of the brothers Ford have made me somewhat grateful that I no longer call Toronto home.