Pipeline Leak Being Investigated

CALGARY - Service on a natural gas pipeline that feeds oilsands producers in northern Alberta has been mostly restored after being disrupted by a leak."TransCanada (TSX:TRP) has confirmed that its res...

We'll Take No For An Answer

WASHINGTON — Five prominent Canadian environmentalists told Washington lawmakers this week that the Keystone XL pipeline will lead to such a huge growth in oilsands’ carbon emissions, it will help tip...

Enviros To Obama: Ignore Canada's Vows

OTTAWA - American environmentalists are urging the White House not to make any deals with Canada that would green-light TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline — even if America's neighbour to the north ge...
Kinder Morgan

Why Is Big Oil Sponsoring B.C.'s Reconciliation Week

To accept and use money from these companies is outrageous. It is an obvious contradiction: How can the organizers promote reconciliation while giving Big Oil companies a pass when those same companies are directly involved in damaging Indigenous ways of life? This was the exact purpose of Residential Schools. The Residential School system had sought (among many things) to displace Indigenous peoples from our homelands; yet again, these companies are seeking to displace our peoples from our homelands to reap the benefit at our expense.

More Than 10,000 Jobs?

CALGARY - A study commissioned by TransCanada Corp. shows Ontario and Quebec among the biggest economic winners from construction of its proposed Energy East pipeline, though company CEO Russ Girling...

A Tough Sell

FREDERICTON - When it comes to people like Cyrille Simard, TransCanada has a challenge in selling the Energy East Pipeline project in New Brunswick.The mayor of Edmundston says he wants the company to...

TransCanada Got Punked While Promoting Pipeline

TransCanada got schooled at their recent Energy East pipeline open house in North Bay, Ontario. Mixed in amongst the crowd of several hundred who dropped by throughout the evening, a group of 50 concerned citizens came with more than just their questions; they came in outfits that intentionally resembled TransCanada's own.

No More Oil Means No More Smartphones

Filling up at the gas station is certainly one of the ways to use oil that is most familiar to us. But guess what: of all the oil we use, only 43 per cent goes to fueling our cars. Given this, can we seriously consider ending our "dependence on oil", as some would suggest? Someone who wants to stop using oil will have to say goodbye to smart phones, ballpoint pens, candlelight, clothing made of synthetic fibers, glasses, toothpaste, tires (including those on bicycles), and thousands of other products made from plastic, a petroleum derivative. Good luck with that program.

Adam Smith Called: He Wants Warning Labels on Gas Pumps

Our dominant economic paradigm is premised on a worldview that we are self-interested, wealth-maximizing beings that respond like automatons to price signals. I think we're more than that. Our labels engage this part of us and are ultimately more congruent with what we are as human beings.

Pipelines As Nation-Builders? Um...

CALGARY - To hear some proponents of the Energy East project tell it, when the taps open on the $12-billion oil pipeline the moment will be as significant as when the last spike was driven into the Ca...

Obama Probed On Keystone XL Job Numbers

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama's latest public comments on TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline have highlighted the wildly divergent job estimates associated with the project while raising co...

4,400-Kilometre Pipeline Opposed

The Energy East pipeline proposal to carry crude from Alberta's oilsands to a refinery in Saint John, N.B., is now igniting opposition in the nation's capital. Support for the pipeline has...

Redford Pushes West-East Pipeline

FREDERICTON - Alberta Premier Alison Redford will meet her New Brunswick counterpart next week as the two try to drum up support for the west-east pipeline project.Redford will meet David Alward next...

Trudeau Questions 'Toxic' Pipeline

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says a proposed west-east pipeline project will not go forward unless it addresses key environmental concerns. Calgary-based TransCanada Corp. is in the process of lining...

Push For A West-East Pipeline

CALGARY - A New Brunswick mayor says it's important that producers understand the advantages of a pipeline that would carry western crude oil to eastern refineries.Mel Norton of Saint John says he and...