How Canada Made Me An Obama Lover

I can't actually vote for Barack Obama -- though I live in New York City I'm from Canada and it's stamped on my passport as surely as on the way I say "out." But there is no being part of the great churning American media machine -- whether as a viewer, reader, listener, Tweeter, Instagrammer or random Canadian who somehow snuck her way on television -- without forming an opinion. Sometimes, it's even educated! As for me, the more educated I got, the more I came to realize that my support for the 44th President of the United States and his party actually has its roots well north of the border. Really, every reason I can think of to vote for Barack Obama I learned from Canada. In the language of my people, et voila...

Media Bites: How Will the Election Turn Out? Duh -- Ask Canada!

The Canadian media rarely bears even the slightest apprehension about bossily dictating U.S. elections. Our papers state their partisan preferences loudly and often, but thankfully no one south of the 49th seems to give a doodle-dandy. And to be fair, as far as nefarious foreign endorsements go, you could do a lot worse than the Canadian stamp of approval. Anyway, who's getting the honour this year?

Another Big Pipeline Win For TransCanada

CALGARY - Mexican authorities have awarded TransCanada Corp. a second contract in a week to build a natural gas pipeline.The Calgary-based company (TSX:TRP) said Monday it will invest about US$400 mil...

Watching the Watchdog: What Happens if Obama Loses?

When it came to colour and discrimination on account of colour, Obama's election four years ago was a much-needed opportunity to heal the soul of his troubled nation. With a black man in the White House, old scars left by slavery could finally mend. What will happen if he loses?

Which Way Will Swing States Blow? My 10 Predictions

One implication of my predictions would be Ohio losing its status as a predictor of Presidential election victories. More importantly, this would be the first election in recent history where the winner of the election will not win two out of the three "big swing states." This seems to be indicative of a shift, where future swing states will be comprised of a collective of smaller states with rapidly rising populations, such as Nevada. As opposed to the past rigidity of the "big three" swing states, this will lead to future Presidential candidates having to chase after electoral votes in a more decentralized manner.

TransCanada Plans Natural Gas Pipeline Over Rugged Mountain Route

TransCanada plans a rugged over-mountain route for its proposed Coastal Gaslink pipeline to the Shell Canada liquified natural gas project in Kitimat, B.C., company officials said this week in two presentations. The pipeline would initially carry 1.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from the Montney Formation region of northeastern B.C. over 700 kilometres from Groundbirch, near Dawson Creek, to Kitimat.

Keystone XL Discussion Makes A Comeback

CALGARY - TransCanada Corp. has submitted a report to Nebraska environmental authorities outlining another revised route for its contentious Keystone XL oil pipeline."TransCanada shares the goal of pr...

Why Doesn't Canada Refine At Home?

VANCOUVER - Whether they're crossing the border into the United States or heading west to the British Columbia coast, the controversial pipelines linked to the Alberta oil sands have one purpose: to g...

TransCanada, Exxon Eye Yet Another Pipeline

TransCanada PipeLines Ltd. and Exxon Mobil Corp. say they are conducting a public process to determine the level of customer interest in a potential new pipeline – the Alaska Pipeline Project. The lar...

U.S. Begins New Keystone Review

CALGARY - A new review into TransCanada Corp.'s politically-charged Keystone XL oil pipeline has begun.In a notice posted to its website Friday, the U.S. State Department said the new environmental as...

Should Alberta's Oil Go East?

Former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge is not a man for wild ideas. So his recent suggestion that it might make more sense to send the bitumen from the Alberta oilsands to Eastern Canada, rather t...

Dear Tar Sands: It's Not Me, It's You

The tar sands industry now faces legal challenges from First Nations, low carbon fuel initiatives in California and the EU, opposition to its pipelines in the U.S., in British Columbia, and in Eastern provinces and states. Are all these people crazy? Is it still you, not me?