Travis Taddeo


Fashion Week Day 2: Dressed to Kill (Literally) in Stilettos

Now with a rush of inspiration, fearlessness and fashionable adventurism, I decided to do one last change. I opted for my vintage 'Faster by Mark Fast' cat suit (like I said, it's all about having fun with fashion!). Then, I threw on my custom-design fur cape and Nando Muzi heart stilettos -- I was now ready for the Mercedes Benz Start Up competition.

Montreal Fashion Week Spotlight: Travis Taddeo [VIDEO]

Travis Taddeo showcased his latest collection for men at the pristine white PHI Centre in Old Montreal this past September during Montreal Fashion Week. The talented Montrealer also debuted his black and white sneaker collaboration with Aldo. This video brings the viewer inside this exclusive Montreal event. Afterward, I chat with Taddeo on the rooftop of the building to learn more about his inspiration for this season.