@TheBrazman Is Back In Action

Tory Senator Patrick Brazeau, a.k.a @TheBrazman, is back on Twitter. After less than a month away from the social network, Brazeau began tweeting again on Monday night. "Glad to be back. Now time to f...
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Did Trudeau Put Liberals Back in the Ring?

As a political metaphor, Justin Trudeau's boxing victory over Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau is a whole other story. The Liberals have gotten used to thinking of themselves as losers, so nobody was more surprised than they to see Trudeau triumph against such an adversary. Because really, who expects the Liberals to win at anything anymore? If the Liberals are smart, they won't even try to manipulate this. They'll just let the image of Trudeau wiping the smirk off Brazeau's bleeding face sink in and work it's magic.

Trudeau Defeats Brazeau

Justin Trudeau overcame expectations and convincingly defeated Tory Senator Patrick Brazeau in a boxing bout in Ottawa Saturday night. The referee called the fight around the middle of the third two-m...

Trudeau: 'I Can't Lose'

As fans of professional boxing know, all great bouts begin long before the fighters step into the ring, with furious rounds of trash-talking, odds-making and often a rancorous weigh-in ceremony. In t...