Undergraduate Education

Quest University's Untraditional Approach To Education

Once you get past the breathtaking natural scenery and vistas of Squamish, B.C., and the architectural beauty of the campus buildings, and get talking with the students and staff of Quest University you know you've stepped into a community that doesn't have the same resonance of a large research institution.

Is Canada Discouraging Good Teachers?

Many university professors are great teachers. Many are not. I'm baffled that those who are great teachers are saddled with research. And those who are great researchers are saddled with teaching. More importantly, why do universities saddle students with these subpar teachers? Some argue that professors must be able to do both. Yet, professors at Canadian universities are generally promoted based primarily on their research abilities -- on how many publications they get, and how much research money they bring to the university. Teaching is only superficially acknowledged as important.