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The Real Reason Canadians Pay Higher Prices Than Americans For the Same Products

The United States and Canada do not allow for full competition, but Americans benefit from a bigger market given their much larger population. Thus, a continental market in airline travel would serve passengers if an American airline could compete head-to-head with Canadian airlines on domestic routes. But the federal government won't allow it. The result? Higher airline fares in Canada.
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Blame Canada?

Canadian shoppers who are shocked at how much more they pay for goods up north should point a finger at Ottawa if they're looking for someone to blame, says a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute....

Wait, What?

We’re all used to seeing those tags on book covers that announce one (lower) price for a book in the U.S., next to a higher price for Canada. Annoying as that is, at least there’s a certain consistenc...