WATCH: 7 Types Of Vancouver Girls

Can you bottle up Vancouver's women into seven categories? A video posted to YouTube earlier this month titled "7 Types Of Girls In Vancouver" pokes fun at the city's neighbourhoods and the women who...

Canada's Pickiest Women?

Vancouver may be the toughest place in Canada to meet a woman online. So says a survey by which found that Vancouver women were least likely to respond to men's online messages an...

Vancouver's Perfect Man Is..

Vancouver's perfect man is an intelligent, athletic non-smoker with a master's degree who earns $100,000 to $150,000 per year, according to online survey results released by a dating site. The consens...

Why Is It So Hard To Meet Friends (And Lovers) In Vancouver?

I've listened to many, many complaints from out-of-town visitors and immigrants that although Vancouver is far from lacking in things to do and see, it is next to impossible to find someone to do them with. People stay very isolated to their own little groups, making it difficult for newcomers to find a place to fit in.