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A Funerary Call To Bewitch This Halloween

Harlow MacFarlane makes some seriously evil music. Combining elements of ritual ambient, power electronics, and the atmopsheric end of the black metal spectrum, his various recording projects -- Funerary Call, Sistrenatus, and the analog synth-oriented Grey Towers Stone Temples -- have earned him recognition from avant-garde music fans worldwide. He's also a horror movie expert who has worked for years in the make-up and prosthetics industry in B.C. Hopefully, his upcoming live performance -- under the Funerary Call aegis, providing a live score for Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages -- might help raise his profile here at home.

Music For All Ages

East Vancouver band Bestie are the key force behind a four-day all ages music festival that aims to help fund the creation of a permanent all ages music venue in Vancouver. Drummer Dan Ruiz planned t...

Pemberton Gets Its Music On

PEMBERTON, B.C. - Residents of a small community just outside Whistler, B.C., are preparing to turn up the volume next summer as a music promoter makes plans for a major, three-day concert in the usua...