Veterans Affairs

How a Typo Ruined a Veteran's Life

A recent documentary shows how in 2004, a Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) typo sent a veteran's pension into somebody else's bank account. VAC won't take responsibility for the problem. They deprived a man of his rightful income for months, but, when it comes to the impact, VAC is as uncaring as a hit-and-run driver.

Why Punish Veterans With Gov't Cuts?

The government has a responsibility to provide specialized health care services to veterans as part of its moral obligation to those who served. Certainly, losses of beds available to veterans in hospitals indicates that the government is not upholding this responsibility.

Homeless Vets Problem Set To Explode?

OTTAWA - Standing a few discreet metres away from those selling Remembrance Day poppies at shopping centres across the country this week will be the ragged, faceless and forlorn pleading with people f...