Vitamin A Deficiency

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A 'No Missed Opportunities' Approach Is Essential For Ending Diseases Like Malaria

Canada made a concerted effort to end malaria deaths in this country a century ago and is now supporting efforts to do the same around the world as part of leadership on MNCH. I'm optimistic that the discussion around 'no missed opportunities' will help move us much more quickly towards a world free of preventable deaths among women and children and one free of diseases like malaria.
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Seeing Red In the Best Way Possible

The colour red is something many Americans associate with Canada. The flag; a red-and-white hockey jersey; the sign at Tim Horton's. My association is a bit different. I think of red too -- tiny, life-saving, life-changing red from Canada. I think of millions of little red capsules of Vitamin A and the leadership Canada has shown in putting these capsules and other resources to work alleviating malnutrition globally.