Whitney Houston Death

Does Whitney's Death Really Matter?

Unless living in a world where supermarkets and their ubiquitous tabloids at checkout don't exist, everybody knows what killed Whitney Houston. Was it then necessary yesterday to make the just released result of her autopsy a news item? Perhaps it's "news," but let's agree that it is of very little importance.

Black History Month Ends with a Whimper

When Black History Month did start, it was on a tragic note. February 1 was marked by the suicide of Soul Train creator Don Cornelius. This month there was racism in the presidential race and at the Oscars, as well as the passing of another black icon, Whitney Houston.

Diva's Value Expected To Skyrocket

Within hours of her untimely death, Whitney Houston was fast on her way to becoming a hot commodity, joining the ranks of other famous artists who have achieved the dubious distinction of great commer...

WATCH: The Diva's Greatest Duets

To be a powerhouse singer ... well that's impressive enough. But to be the type of singer who can seamlessly blend your voice with another's -- now that's really something special. Whitney Houston was...