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Do What Gives You Energy and Drop the Rest

It's a fast-paced world and women work hard. We have homes to maintain, families to care for and demanding jobs. All this takes mountains of energy yet we continue to spend time on things that don't really interest or support us. It's time for women to cut to the chase and do the things that give us energy while getting rid of the rest.

If Other People Think Your Creative Ideas Are Crazy, Ignore Them

One story that Shapiro shared was of the challenges facing Houston Airport, where luggage would be available within eight minutes but passengers were at the luggage carousel within one minute and disgruntled about having to wait. The answer: airport staff created a longer path to collect luggage which took eight minutes, so luggage and passengers arrived at the same time.

Do You Believe in Synchronicity?

Jung describes synchronicity as "a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than probability of chance is involved." And that is what I have found. When I am on the right path, I meet the people I am meant to meet and suddenly my journey has more meaning and depth.

How to be a Fierce Female Entrepreneur

In the course of my work as a career and entrepreneur coach, I have crossed paths with some fierce female entrepreneurs. Here, three of them -- a change agent, an artist, and a healer -- offer the inside scoop on what it's really like to start your own business.

Eight Steps to a Better Work-Life Balance for Women

In just a few short decades, the workplace has radically changed. Today, women constitute nearly half of the workforce. There have never been so many women in leadership positions around the world. And there has never been so much talk about being a woman in business. In fact, there has never been a better time in history to be a woman.
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I'm Not Just a Blonde at the Construction Site -- I'm the Boss

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and construction was my family's mainstay. I have been around it my whole life and truth be told, my happiest place on earth is on a roadbuilding site with machines pushing and swinging dirt and people all working hard. Sure, being a girl in construction came with the standard issue nuisances you would expect -- naked pin-up girl pictures in the tool trailers, having to use disgusting man outhouses, getting hit on steadily, getting tolerated and not taken seriously -- but I just kept my head down and got to work. This got the people who make decisions to know that I was not just a little blonde token strutting around the job site but that I was watching and thinking and had value.

Does Being 'Feminine' Make it Harder to Be a Leader?

For women in business, there's always a fine line to be walked between being persistent and being tough. People tend to say, for a woman to make it to the top, she has to be ruthless...but then she gets judged harshly for being too aggressive. I believe it is possible to be feminine and successful without being too tough, but I agree that this is a balancing act that can be challenging.

Five Strategies for Dealing With Difficult People

Unfortunately, what tends to happen is that when they get triggered and react, we respond in kind. And it gets ugly. Welcome to the human race. In an ideal world, we all strive to staying rational when confronting, or confronted by, a difficult person, especially in the workplace. Here are five strategies that come in handy especially if your boss "goes medieval" on you.

8 Ways To Kick Butt At Work

Billie Jean King, the tennis legend who won the Battle Of The Sexes to prove women could, in fact, play the sport as well as men, and Ursula Burns, the charismatic CEO of Xerox, are two ladies every w...

Are You a Burnout, or Burning the Candle at Both Ends?

About 1.5 years ago I underwent a 6 hour surgery to remove a few cancer-inflicted organs. I was guaranteed to be a goner prior to that surgery. Before that, I thought I had it all figured out. I took serious pride in the statement "I am so busy." I was productive and important. I was burning the candle at both ends, and society loved me for it. But what did that get me?

I'm an Entrepreneur and I Have it All

My life has been "busy" and a lot of work for quite some time now, and that's something I don't want to change. I still take the necessary time to unplug and fill myself and my family up, but cannot deny that I also thrive off of creating and growing in business. That will likely always be part of me, even with a new baby at my side. My work is very much tied into what I want to create for my family to benefit from. I have complete respect for the women who grow up with a complete focus on wanting to stay home and raise a family... but for me, part of what I want to represent to my children is showing them that they have the ability to "have it all."

How Being a Bully Made me Better at Business

Ten years ago when I started my MBA, I pulled up to the school thinking that everyone inside of it would be douchey. They were business people, after all, and all business people were either bullies or scammers of some sort. I was sure that I would be the only half decent reformed bully there. Turns out, I was the douchey one for assuming the worst of them. And the time of the bully has passed.

Q&A: The Doctor Who Created Cold-FX

Dr. Jacqueline Shan is a successful entrepreneur and leader within Canada's natural health products industry. As the founder and creator of Canada's best-selling cold remedy Cold-FX, she has now turned her attention and passion to a new health start-up with the Afinity brand.

A Few Ideas for G20 Leaders

On the eve of the 2013 G20 Leaders' Meeting, I have been speaking to media from around the world about the G20 Leader's agenda, particularly their focus on creating jobs and the need for investment and innovation to fuel the global economy. So what's the "ask"? Here are a few ideas for G20 Leaders.

How to Get More Women on Canadian Boards

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) should be congratulated for addressing gender diversity last week. Other than Quebec, the addressing of boardroom and senior management diversity (beyond gender) has been long overdue in Canada.

<i>Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire</i>: A Breezy Business Read

The book includes the recommendation that professional women dress "smexy" (the author's word for smart and sexy). Most of the powerful women I know look professional, but don't invest a lot of time into looking fabulously sexy. They're too busy kicking ass and getting shit done. I'm willing to overlook our disagreement on this issue, however, because other parts of the book are good.

8 Business Lessons from Wimbledon Tennis

Some of the matches, especially in the semi-finals once you got down to the really skilled players, could have been easily won by either opponent, it was that close. But just like in business, you can be neck and neck with your competitors, and suddenly one of you gets ahead. So what did the winners do to make that happen?

Can Venus and Mars Work Together?

The startling realization of "Work With Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women" suggests that despite all of our progress, men and women still do not know how to act around each other. Can we reduce the lack of advancement of women in the workplace to a colossal case of misunderstanding? Perhaps.

15 Tips for Making Effective Business Videos

Always start with yourself, not a power point slide. You have only so much time to hook people in, and your audience wants to get to know you. While you need to be a bit of an actor, don't ham it up too much as it detracts from your authenticity.