Women In Business


What if All the G20 Leaders Were Girls?

Imagine the G20 Leaders (Zuma, Obama, Harper, Pena Nieto, Rousseff, Fernandez de Kirchner, Jinping, Keqiang, Yudhoyono, Abe, Geun-hye, Singh, Putin, Erdogan, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, Letta, Abdullah and Gillard). Open your eyes. Now imagine 20 girls. What you see are the G(irls)20 Summit delegates.

How Women Hold Themselves Back in Business

While women are equipped with the necessary skills to perform well as leaders, they are not exercising the ability to self-promote. The issue lies, in part, with a woman's confidence or lack thereof. Women tend to "self-select out."

Stop Searching For a Mentor and Get to Work

The best mentoring relationships happen organically, where you click and connect with someone else. There has to be some chemistry. You need to like and respect each other. You need to enjoy spending time together. When you are "matched" by someone else that element is not always there.

15 Ways To Make Social Media Work For You

It's not all about you. Yes, you can promote your own programs, services and products, but if that is all you do, you won't attract the following you want. Just as in face-to-face networking, givers gain. Try to make it 80 per cent about your industry and 20 per cent about your business.

Let's All Give Marissa Mayer the Benefit of the Doubt

Much has been written about the Yahoo CEO's decision to end telecommuting at the company. What if we are all missing something? Keeping in mind that Mayer is a Stanford educated engineer twice over, employee number 20 at Google, and ran one of their most important divisions, I decided to give the situation more than a passing thought.

Bottom Line, You Need Math in Business

Recently I was asked for advice from a couple of women -- a small business owner and a would-be entrepreneur and in each instance, the answer was the same -- they needed to do the math. In fact, it really was all about the bottom line.

Why You Want Women In Your Board Room

TORONTO - Women who sit on corporate boards are more likely to "rock the boat" and be more open to new ideas than their male counterparts — skills that often translate into better decisions and financ...

An Internet Millionaire by Age 26

I had been following Erica Douglass (via her blog) for a while before I asked her for an interview. Her story of selling her company at age 26 for over one million dollars is mind blowing, but that's not the most amazing thing about Erica...

Seven Things I've Learned Running a Business

It is hard to believe that Company of Women is celebrating its 10th birthday. Where did the time go? As I reflect on the past, I share some lessons I have learned -- some the hard way. I guess I bought into the myth that women can do it all and I sure would try. Looking back I realize this was a big mistake

Taking Your Business to a Trade-Show? Read These Tips

Our first trade show was a bit of a bust -- bottom line, we spent a lot of money and staff time on something that really did not generate much business, nor much awareness of our business. I've since participated in several trade shows, and here's some practical tips and questions to ask yourself before you embark on what can be an expensive -- and sometimes worthwhile -- venture.

Eleven Tips for Wooing Customers

The customer experience becomes more important now than ever in a down economy. Especially when shoppers are now open to the idea of visiting your competition, unless you provided them with a shopping experience previously, that they don't want to trade. The more loyal your customers are, the better positioned you are to survive a downturn.

The Place Where Female Bloggers Flock [VIDEO]

BlogHer.com started out as a forum where women could feel involved and included in the world of technology which was predominantly dominated by men. Today, BlogHer.com has grown into the most important community of mostly female bloggers on the Internet. The accomplishments these women have achieved in the last few years is nothing short of mind-blowing. Check out my interview with one of BlogHer.com's co-founders.

The Antidote to Cosmo

So have you seen that statistic about what fashion magazines do to the female brain? Apparently it takes just three minutes of looking at the sculpted bodies of the models to make 70 per cent of women "depressed, guilty, and ashamed." But the new Verily magazine offers something a little more realistic to today's woman.

Dealing With Princesses at Work

Is it me, or do we have more princesses in the workplace? You know the type: women who think the world revolves around them. Lately I have come across this breed of young women who clearly have a high opinion of themselves and as a result come across as somewhat demanding -- that kind of attitude interferes at work.

Networking: The Rules of Engagement

I often see articles that I know would be of interest to someone else that I've met, or come across a lead that will be helpful, so I pass it on. It is an easy way to stay connected and it makes you memorable as someone who is genuinely interested in helping others.

How to Find Your Customers

So how do you find that first customer? I've often written about finding the perfect customer but at this stage in your business, the cynic in me says any warm body will do as long as they pay their bills. You will quickly learn who you like to work with and later you can afford to be more discerning.

First You Sow the Seeds...

Just like a vegetable garden, when you start a business you tend to offer a broad range of services and products because you are really not sure what will take off or what will prove most popular. But don't choose something you don't like to do, or in our case, like to eat, like the radishes. It's a waste of your time.

Venus vs. Mars in Networking: Who Wins?

Women are more patient and are prepared to wait before finalizing the sale, which men would likely argue is not time efficient. But if in the long term it nets the same result, who is to quibble over the strategy to getting there?

How to Find the Perfect Customer

In a recent survey of women entrepreneurs we asked what was their biggest challenge was. Consistently the answer was finding customers. In this tight economy, finding customers is crucial to staying alive, but sometimes it pays to think longer and deeper about who would make the perfect customer.

Is Work Hurting My Friendships?

If you are doing well and the other person is not, jealousy can raise its ugly head, eating away at the bones of the friendship until they are raw and bare. And while I hate to speak ill of my sex, sometimes with a group of women it feels like we are back in high school. Well, I've graduated and want no part of it.

Beauty That Could End War

It's been referred to as "an unlikely weapon in the war:" a joyous fragrance at the beauty counter made from organic essential oils that help farmers in Afghanistan get off of the illegal poppy crop that accounts for 90 per cent of the world's heroin supply.

Why You Should "Date" Your Business Partner

When I look at the partnerships that haven't worked, I can see now that part of the reason why was that we didn't share the same values. We hadn't taken the time to really get to know one another -- to discuss our vision, or to agree on goals and the desired outcome.