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The Workout Diaries: Fad #8, Zumba

Zumba. Everyone is always talking about Zumba. Whenever I mention my workout quest to friends and family they practically unite in saying "Zumba! Have you tried Zumba yet? Why haven't you Zumba'd?!" Well, listen up you guys, I finally went out and tested Zumba. Sold.

Take A Vacation From Work, Not From Your Work-Out

When I told my co-workers I was excited to work out during my vacation, I was met with shock! But a break from work doesn't need to mean a break from exercise. Understanding workouts as an obligation or as drudgery just sets one up for failure both during our daily lives, and on vacation. We should all "re-frame" how we understand workouts during our everyday life.

Parenting: The Ultimate Workout

If you are the parent of a child between the ages of one and four, you will spend a torturous amount of time squatting ungracefully in front of them in order to zip up coats, tie shoes, wipe noses and scrub away crusted-on ketchup. Stand in your front hallway and squat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.