Top 8 Active Dates

Who said that all dates have to revolve around dinner and a movie? Variety is just as important to dating life as it is to your sex life. So why not bust outside of the box and try something a little...

Why You Don't Look Like a Fitness Model

If you won't give up wine and carb-based snacks, or if you are not willing to be at the gym for an hour or two every single day, then don't expect to get a body like a model. Fitness models work a lot harder than they get credit for. You can't get those results without the effort and commitment.

The Key to Losing Weight? Consistency

Looking back at all the women that have come to me over the last 10 years for advice on losing weight I can tell you that one of the reasons that most of them fail is lack of consistency. Sounds simple but it is the truth. Try your best not to get fixated on the scale and have high expectations right off the bat. Rather, give yourself time to make exercising a part of your life and the magic will happen.

The Workout Diaries: Fad #9, Kangoo

If you haven't heard about Kangoo don't worry, you're in a huge group. Not one person I've told of my escapade knew what I was talking about. They're boots that resemble ski shoes with oval springs attached to the bottom. The trick to Kangoo boots is to keep moving! Once you get to hopping, you'll never want to stop. This class is tough!

Why Noon Is the Best Time for a Workout

No matter how you feel the need for it, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to take care of your physical fitness. While not as popular as morning or evening workouts, midday trips to the gym have many benefits -- and it certainly can't be considered slacking off.