A Look Back At My Favourite Calgary 2012 Event - Nuit Blanche

I have had the pleasure of seeing Calgary 2012 grow from even before its official inception.. As the project comes to a close in March of 2013, I took a moment to consider what my favourite event was. From the Sweet City Lip Dub to the Artist in Residence program, the projects implemented this year have all been unique. However, my absolute favourite event was Nuit Blanche.

Hey B.C.! Watch This In 2013

What does 2013 hold for British Columbia? The province is never lacking for news. 2012 saw news events including pipeline protests, earthquakes and plucky individuals taking a stand. In 2013, environm...

'You Sir, Are A Monster'

"Their solution," the Crown attorney told a rapt courtroom in Kingston, Ontario, "was to remove the diseased limb entirely and prune the tree back to the good wood." That's how Laurie Lacelle describe...
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SPLASH! Our Favourites Of 2012

We call it "The Splash," — the striking image and headlines that greet you at The Huffington Post B.C. homepage. It's our signature statement on the news and current affairs, at any moment. It can be...

LOOK: Embracing Alberta In Winter

In Alberta snow has fallen, and stuck, as early as August. Whether we like to admit it or not, Canada is a winter country and Alberta is true to that reality. Paper drink umbrellas and lounging chairs...

LOOK: Alberta 2012 In Photos

The HUB Mall massacre and the Alberta election in the spring exacted intense emotions in an Alberta year that also saw other hotly-contested political contests and a hotly contested NHL lockout. Fear...

Those We Lost In 2012

A list, in chronological order, of some of the notable Canadians who died in 2012.JANUARY3 - Celebrated Czech writer Josef Skvorecky, in Toronto at age 87. He fled to Canada with his wife, writer and...