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I've Justified Bad Native Art For Long Enough

Who wants to be caught criticizing another fellow native artist publicly? It's practically forbidden; better we keep to criticizing the millions of non-natives appropriating our work than to engage in the equally taxing effort of questioning ourselves. The vacant work of some native art is so lacking I've felt ashamed for staying quiet.
06/08/2017 04:21 EDT
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Being An Indigenous Woman In Canada Is To Feel Hunted

The reality, as I know it, is that I feel threatened. I feel a general threat to my life - that when people know I'm native they can judge me based on their limited experience with my people, and men can view me with a lecherousness they believe I deserve and ask for. We must continue to survive, carry these stories, and never be afraid to identify our culprits.
04/10/2017 10:27 EDT
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The Journey To Connect With My White Roots

There have been family stories about my white roots, something so dark and painful it's hard to articulate the specifics of it. I have a frail, white Victorian era ancestor, which explains my affinity for chaise lounges, large hats, and lethargy. It's a glorious thing to discover yourself in your roots. But it's been hard. There have been a few things I've done to reconnect with my white lineage.
01/27/2017 01:39 EST
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Sexism Lives Within Indigenous And Liberal Organizations

There are a lot of kind, educated, empowering and reasonable men in our communities, but sometimes they fail to acknowledge what we deal with. Sometimes there's so few of us working at an organization that we become representative of Native American Women concerning every issue, no matter our personal experiences, or specializations, or politics on representation.
01/18/2017 08:16 EST
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For My Brother, The Protector

Mom thought my brother could intuit the future. Her assumptions weren't baseless; she was a historian. As Nlaka' pamux, we've been known to see things, like the white man before he came, or Jesus before the text. It's all in the history books, trying to dismantle the Other. He got his name from his dad, Tona. We think it translates to, "a place of hope," but our ways prevent rendering the name. After 32 years of knowing my brother, I had only recently learned the name of his father.
01/17/2017 02:43 EST
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I'm Sorry Joseph Boyden's Apology Was So Impotent

When Boyden said in a recent interview that he should step back and let more deeply-rooted members of the community speak on its behalf -- and that he had become 'a bit too big' of a deal, my immediate reaction was a shrug. His apologies have felt a little flaccid, while criticisms have become strengthened and more expansive concerning ideas and identity.
01/16/2017 07:57 EST