January 26, 2015

How Air Travel Has Changed In 50 Years

The Federal Aviation Administration announced a few months ago that air travelers would be able to operate most of their electronic toys throughout a flight, including takeoff and landing. I have a feeling that in 20 years we'll be laughing about the days when flight attendants yelled at us for playing Candy Crush at the wrong moments.

Massive Swell Hits Hawaii, Entire State Gets Stoked

Clark Little/Instagram

It's Going To Cost You More To Camp At B.C. Provincial Parks

Robert Lang Photography via Getty Images

A Private Chef Spills The Secret Eating Habits Of The Rich And Famous

Blend Images - JGI-Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Veteran Interviewer Reveals Her Best Of B.C.


11 Cities You Must Backpack At Least Once

Mikko Hyvärinen via Getty Images

Air Canada Sex Act Case In Court


7 Jaw-Dropping Hawaii Spots Where Time Stands Still

David Epperson via Getty Images

WATCH: These Wild Orcas Don't Need A Tank To Put On A Show

YouTube/Rich German

► BC Ferries Passenger LOSES IT


This Man Claims To Be The World's Most Traveled Person

Courtesy Fred Finn

Only In Alberta: Planning The Perfect Winter Wonderland Trip

Paul Zizka via Getty Images

These Islands Look Too Good To Be True

Buena Vista Images via Getty Images

WestJet Returns To Gander's Retro Airport

Why We Need To Tackle #BlueMonday All Year Round

Hero Images via Getty Images

13 Problems Only Hawaii Newbies Will Understand

lightstock via Getty Images

What Flying Used To Be Like... And What We Hope It's Like In The Future

Sovfoto via Getty Images

Was 'Too Handsome' B.C. Model Really Kicked Out Of Saudi Arabia?


2 Simple Maps That Reveal How American Agriculture Actually Works

Joe Satran/The Huffington Post

WATCH: Angry Hippo Charges Safari Boat

David Jackson / YouTube

This Humpback Whale Is About To Rock The Boat, Quite Literally

YouTube/Ryan Nap

How To Not Lose Your Luggage

Halfdark via Getty Images

LOOK: Stunning Photos Show How Hawaii Has Changed In 125 Years

Bishop Museum

The Hottest Trends In Boomer Travel In 2015

David Sucsy via Getty Images

Frozen Memories: Life-Affirming Trips That Don't Need To Happen In The Summer

Getty Images

6 Essential Reasons To Book A Trip With A Travel Agent

BananaStock via Getty Images

These Five Names Are The Luckiest In Canada

Getty Images

Snowboard Bungee Jumping Is Winter's Insane New Thrill


The New York Times Really, Really Likes Squamish, B.C.



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No Pants SkyTrain Ride Sees Record Turnout In Vancouver

Ai Takano/Instagram

Vancouver Candy Store Lets You SNORT Chocolate

Yulia Krushelnitskaya via Getty Images

Another Top Nod For Okanagan Valley Wine

Lijuan Guo via Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan Is One In A Million Suffering From Chikungunya

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Passenger Refused Flight Over Missing Letter On Airline Ticket

Kristina Afanasyeva via Getty Images

National Geographic Falls In Love With B.C. Resort

Nimmo Bay/Nat Geo Unique Lodges Of The World

Pet-Allergic Passengers On Air Canada May Be In For Tough Time

Genika80 via Getty Images

Couple Offers Free Trip to Hawaii For 'The Most Loving Person'

Getty Images

This Gas Station Bathroom Is Nicer Than Every Other Bathroom EVER

firina via Getty Images

B.C. Storm Brings Snow, Freezing Rain, Traffic Problems

Mark Robinson Twitter

Prince Of Dubai Rings In New Year In B.C.


B.C. Ghost Town SOLD


These Are The Best Restaurants In Kamloops

Fireside Steakhouse Facebook

This Is Hawaii Like You've Never Seen It Before

LOOK: B.C. Polar Bear Swimmers Are Crayzee

LOOK: 17 Photos From New Year's Celebrations Around The World


B.C. Photographer Recognized By National Geographic

Henrik Nilsson

The Swiss Paradise You Most Definitely Need To Visit

Courtesy of GHM Hotels