March 1, 2015

How Air Travel Has Changed In 50 Years

The Federal Aviation Administration announced a few months ago that air travelers would be able to operate most of their electronic toys throughout a flight, including takeoff and landing. I have a feeling that in 20 years we'll be laughing about the days when flight attendants yelled at us for playing Candy Crush at the wrong moments.

LOOK: Ethereal 'Slurpee' Waves Roll Onto Frigid Nantucket Beach

Jonathan Nimerfroh

Pippa Middleton ❤s Whistler

Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

Newfoundland Has Rarely Looked More Breathtaking Than It Does Here


Footage Proves The Elusive Green Sunset Flash Is Real

Instagram/Eric Sterman

Couple Quits Day Jobs, Builds Quaint, Tiny Home On Wheels To Travel The Country

Tiny House Giant Journey

Airline Offers In-Flight View Of Northern Lights


This Is February In Vancouver

Paul Wittal/Instagram

Caught On Camera: Puddle Of Mudd Singer Rides Luggage Carousel, Gets Arrested


Why You Shouldn't Book Flights Early

Bet_Noire via Getty Images

Hawaii's Notoriously Illegal Hike May Be Gone Forever

Thoughts We All Have When We Fly

Peter Cade via Getty Images

Meet A B.C. Woman Who Swims OUTDOORS All Winter

Marina Borodina

According To Experts, This Is The Best National Park In The World

De Agostini Picture Library via Getty Images

Squamish Music Festival Lineup Revealed!


21 Things You Must Do In San Francisco

Mitchell Funk via Getty Images

News Flash, Americans: Alberta's Ski Hills Are Bigger Than Yours

Karl Weatherly via Getty Images

Hawaii Does NOT Want You To Hike To This Waterfall


14 Times Canadians Kicked Winter's Ass

RedBull YouTube Screegrab

Vancouver Warehouse To Host Andy Warhol Exhibit

The Remarkable Ruins Of Maui's Abandoned Highway

Daniel Sullivan

Even The Streetlights Are Cooler In Québec


Walls Of Snow Have Trapped Atlantic Canada

Dave Atkinson

Meanwhile In B.C....


Here's How To Avoid One Of The Most Common Life Regrets

Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images

Welcome To The Caribbean's Prettiest Place

Westend61 via Getty Images

5 Under-The-Radar Hawaii Sites That Are As Historic As They Are Beautiful

J Kuwabara UH Marine Option Program/NOAA

Sink Your Teeth Into Richmond's Best Restaurants

Mega Sushi

Europe's Got A Cheap Little Secret

Krzysztof Dydynski via Getty Images


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Surf's Up In Whistler


The World's Best Business Hotel Is In Vancouver

Fairmont Pacific Rim

Heart-Shaped Bike Racks, Because Vancouver

City Of Vancouver Twitter

Toronto Tourism Reaches New Record, Despite (Or Thanks To) Rob Ford


WATCH: Freediver Rides An Ocean Current To An Alien Landscape


24 Ways You Know You're Too Old For Coachella

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Male Ballet Dancer Smashes This 'Take Me To Church' Dance In Nude Tights

Yep, Upside Down Waterfalls Exist


The Most Expensive Valentine's Day Package We've Seen Yet

Shangri La

Air Canada Profit Soars As Company Refuses To Pass Fuel Savings On To Flyers


20 Fabulous Places To Retire In 2015 -- Outside America

State-Of-The-Art Air Canada Plane Makes Unscheduled Landing

Air Canada

New App Lets You Watch Old Faithful Erupt, Wherever You Are

National Park Service

The 10 Sexiest Places In The World

Zoonar/N.Okhitin via Getty Images

Too Cold? These Are The Undiscovered Tropical Islands Closest To You

Ron Dahlquist via Getty Images

Whistler Plans $5.4M Restaurant Expansion

SNOMG, Kitimat


Stay Safe AND Dry, Young Jedi

H3 Group Facebook