September 20, 2014

'Gotham' Review: About As Good As It Gets

Gotham CTV

'Gotham' is not the Batman tale most fans have grown to know and love because unlike other incarnations, this one doesn't feature the Dark Knight being all broody, saving the day. Anyone who loves a good origin series will love it, but even those who aren't interested in how things began will still sink their teeth into the drama.

8 Facts You Didn't Know About 'Sesame Street'

Oscar Grouch Orange
Sesame Street

Amy Schumer Is Officially The Funniest Woman In Comedy

Phil McCarten/Invision/AP

Tim Daly Is The Best TV Husband Ever, Dammit

Tim Daly Madam Secretary

Shonda Rhimes Takes Down NY Times Critic Over Offensive Article

Shonda Rhimes
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10 Times Game Show Hosts Had The Answers That Really Matter

Family Feud

Tim Minchin Is Some Kind of Piano-Playing Comedy God

Tim Minchin
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12 Amazing TV Spinoffs That Almost Happened

Lisa Kudrow Friends
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Jennie Garth (Hypothetically) Remodels The '90210' Houses

Jennie Garth Project
HGTV Canada

Facial Feature Comebacks For $200 Please, Alex?

Alex Trebek
Jeopardy Productions

Darrell Hammond Replacing Don Pardo As 'SNL' Announcer

Darrell Hammond
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'RHONY's' Heather Thomson: Aviva Wanted More Money For Prosthetic Leg Toss

Aviva Leg

So, Tina Fey Thinks Canadian Fans Are Kinda Weird, Eh?

Tina Fey

Reunited: 'A Different World' Cast On Show's Major Impact, 20 Years Later

Own Oprah Where Are They Now A Different World
George Burns/Harpo Studios

Watch Out, Ladies! 'Bachelor Canada' Looking To Get Hitched

Tim Warmels Bachelor Canada

The '7th Heaven' Cast Reunites For The First Time In 8 Years

7th Heaven
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'Amazing Race Canada' Recap: A Tidal Bore (SPOILERS)

Amazing Race Canada Episode 11

Ryan Murphy Is Worried 'AHS: Freak Show' May Be Too Scary


Kim K Appears To Be The Latest Victim Of Nude Photo Hacking Ring

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What Happened When Shonda Rhimes Was Called An 'Angry Black Woman'

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Charles Dance Just Dropped A Major 'Game Of Thrones' Spoiler


Mama June And Sugar Bear Split

Mama June Sugar Bear
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The Big Bang Theory' Cast Helped Kaley Cuoco Through That Nude Photo Leak


40 Of Jimmy Fallon's Best Monologue Jokes For His 40th Birthday

Jimmy Fallon Monologue
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'Survivor' Has Been Very Cruel To Jeff Probst's Privates

Jeff Probst
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Kendall Jenner Reportedly 'Bullied' By Models

Kendall Jenner Bullied
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Teacher Wins Big On 'Wheel Of Fortune'

Wheel Of Fortune

We Can't Believe We Waited 9 Years To Answer The 'HIMYM' Pineapple Incident

Pineapple Incident

This 'Cheers' Reference Is The Best 'Jeopardy!' Fail Ever


Elisabeth Hasselbeck Had A Very Different Reputation On 'Survivor'

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
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We Finally Know Who Will Voice Grumpy Cat

Aubrey Plaza
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What To Watch This Fall Based On Your Favorite Shows


'Honey Boo Boo' Stars Split Up

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'Fashion Police' Will Continue Without Joan Rivers