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The Girl's Guide to Huntington and Fishing

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Beach babes, long boards, and bellini bars -- it's all about Huntington Beach, California. Here with, Sarah Bancroft's OC picks


The Shorebreak Hotel's front desk features a massive wave, there are surf films projected on the walls of the lobby, cruiser bikes and vintage surfboards in the rooms, all done incredibly stylishly.


Beach volleyball, all year round! And then, of course, there are the surfers (er, we mean the surfing) in and around the famous pier. It's not called Surf City USA for nothing.


The Huevos Rancheros (pictured, $9) at Zimzala in the Shorebreak Hotel, with excellent coffee and a bellini bar in a breezy room was our idea of brunch heaven. The name of the restaurant means "peace with sand between your toes."


Order one of the massive longboards from Huntington native Peter Hamborg a firefighter and father of 5 surfing, modelling, lifeguarding boys (why does this sound like a reality TV show in the works)? Cruise The Strand, 10 miles of paved track along the beachfront.


Lucky you if you get a sighting of one of the famous surf Woody's like we did!

--Sarah Bancroft