Zein Odeh
Zein Odeh is currently the Junior School English Curriculum Coordinator at Toronto French School and Educational Consultant for GoGoNews, an online kids newspaper.

Zein holds a B.Ed. from McGill University and M.Ed. from The University of Ottawa. She is certified as an I.B Primary Years Program (PYP) educator as well as an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT). Having taught in both the public and private systems in Canada and the Middle East, Zein firmly believes in inquiry based learning and the provision of an international perspective to teaching.

In 2007, Zein served with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) as Project Manager (Education) for NGO’s in Latin America and India. She has participated as a resource person at international conferences, such as the Women As Global Leaders Conference in the United Arab Emirates, and presented papers on key issues in leadership in education including Promoting Culturally Responsive Teachers as well as Creating Cyberspace Communities for Women. Recently she has written for the I.B Online Community in her guest blog post, "How Do We Teach Students To Become Citizens of The World."

Zein remains committed to exposing young children’s minds to world realities, and hopes to inspire them to take action in the world as global citizens.

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Get Your Kids Reading By Reading This Blog!

(0) Comments | Posted June 21, 2012 | 3:50 PM

As Dr. Seuss says in I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!: "The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

Literacy paves the way for endless opportunities. It is a skill most of us take for...

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The Kids in Jerusalem Are All Right

(2) Comments | Posted February 19, 2012 | 12:24 AM

Jerusalem might just be one of the most contested pieces of land in the entire world -- covering merely 48.3 square miles (a little over 125 square kilometers) with a population of 763,800 residents. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean and Dead Sea and is a city that is both...

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What Does a Report Card Mean Anyway?

(4) Comments | Posted December 21, 2011 | 2:29 PM

Although many teachers across the country are relieved to have completed the first term of the academic year, the anxiety is about to start for many parents. I'm not entirely surprised that parents feel nervous, even overwhelmed, when they try to dissect and absorb the information in their children's report...

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Bullying: Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

(18) Comments | Posted November 17, 2011 | 11:27 AM

It usually starts with your child coming home upset, followed by stomach aches in the morning, lonely recesses at school, a withdrawal in academic work, and in extreme cases, it can lead to depression.

Despite the many conferences, teacher-training sessions, and news articles and research dedicated to better understanding...

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Postcards From the Classroom: What's in a Language?

(1) Comments | Posted July 15, 2011 | 9:47 AM

Multilingual education is a topic that elicits much discussion and attention. Some believe that growing up in a multilingual setting may temporarily delay speech for some children, while proponents attest to the fact that it encourages a whole new level of thinking.

Saying that I am biased...

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School's Out: One Teacher's Take on What to Do With Kids

(2) Comments | Posted June 30, 2011 | 10:53 AM

At the end of every school year, I am often faced with the same questions from parents: What can I do with my children during the summer holiday? What kind of extra work can I provide for them and what type of programs should I sign them up for?

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