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Kobo Touch Edition: eReader Market Heats Up With Latest Addition (PHOTOS)

Editor's note: Huffington Post Canada's Editor At Large Heather Reisman is Indigo's CEO. Indigo founded Kobo.

The battle for the eReader market supremacy is certainly heating up.

Yesterday, Canadian company Kobo Inc. announced the latest iteration of their eReader - the Touch Edition. Similar in look and feel to the ubiquitous iPad and Amazon's Kindle, the eReader features the latest Pearl e-Ink technology, wi-fi connectivity, and touchscreen interaction.

My, how far it's come in less than a year! The original version of the Kobo launched in July 2010, and was marketed as a less-expensive version of its e-reader cousins. It received mediocre reviews due to its lack of wi-fi and 3G, but it was lauded for its affordability and compact, lightweight appearance.

It seems that Kobo heard the message loud and clear: The eReader Touch Edition makes massive ultra-modern leaps, most notable of which is the eradication of the clunky keyboard and large, off-putting buttons. The new Kobo library view offers multiple book cover images and several ways to sort content for easy location. Two font styles and 12 font sizes enhance the stylistic aspects of the eReader, and let you customize your reading experience.

Users can choose from over 2.3 million books, newspapers and magazines from the Kobo Store (including a million free titles) or import from other sources via the mini-USB port. And that includes your local library - a major plus for digi-literati out there.

Check out some of the various e-reader offerings below and vote for your favorite.

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