06/01/2011 07:56 EDT | Updated 08/01/2011 05:12 EDT

Missing B.C. Boy Found 6 Years Later In U.S.

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- A British Columbia boy who was allegedly abducted by his mother more than six years ago has been found near Phoenix, Ariz.

Valor Howell was three years old when he went missing from Grand Forks, B.C. in December, 2004.

His mother, Jamie Howell, was arrested Sunday when police responded to a complaint of disorderly conduct at a laundromat in Chandler, Ariz.

Chandler Police Det. David Ramer said police ran a background check and found Howell was wanted in Canada for alleged parental abduction.

He said the 10-year-old boy is in good shape, and showed no signs of abuse.

"He was kind of withdrawn and aloof when it was first taking place with officers. Currently he's in Child Protective Services, our local agency, and they're working with the father to reunite them," Ramer told The Canadian Press in an interview.

Valor Howell's father, Garrett Taylor, told the U.S. media that he plans to travel to Arizona on Friday to reunite with his son.

Taylor said that after Jamie Howell left Canada with the boy he found her in Spokane, Wash., where her mother lives. Howell apparently fled again before being served by police.

Taylor said he had heard Howell may have been in Arizona and hired agencies to find her.

The allegation against Jamie Howell is not an extraditable offence in the United States, Ramer said, so RCMP plan to go to court in an attempt to have the woman sent back to Canada.

Taylor and his family in Kamloops, B.C., started a Facebook page, titled "Find Valor Howell," frequently posting messages for his son, vowing to never stop looking for him.

In one message, the father wrote of thinking about his son every minute of every day.

"Another birthday of yours has come and gone. Your family and I miss you even more during special dates," he wrote. "We are all still stunned at the cold, callus and calculating way your mother and her family have hidden you from us."

Ramer said Howell will be held in custody on the disorderly conduct allegation until Canadian police can sort out a possible extradition.

He said the Chandler police department was pleased to be able to help the father and son reunite.

"I know it's going to be a difficult transition for them and hopefully it goes well."