06/03/2011 04:26 EDT | Updated 08/03/2011 05:12 EDT

Arianna On The 'Special Attitude' HuffPost Brings To Canada (VIDEO)

Arianna appeared on Canada AM this morning to talk about the launch of The Huffington Post Canada, now a week old, celebrating the “special attitude” that HuffPost Canada is giving to Canadians.

Before getting into the interview, host Seamus O'Regan told Arianna that “you just don’t stop.. you are a machine,” before asking about the Mitt Romney campaign, which Arianna called “well organized but lacking in the fire” that’s seen in Sarah Palin as she goes on tour.

In the interview, Arianna said HuffPost Canada will “bring the Canadian news and stories, not just to a Canadian but a global audience.” The site has a mixture of the stories HuffPost is known for, “low brow, high brow, what’s important and what’s fun.

“I'm feeling much more informed [about Canada] and so many others as well as bringing Canadian news directly to a Canadian audience.”

“We love our dot-cas,” O’Regan said.

See the interview here