06/13/2011 07:26 EDT | Updated 08/13/2011 05:12 EDT

Vancouver Canucks Meet Johnny Canuck: YouTube Video Puts The Axe To The Boston Bruins (VIDEO)

With a cinematic score and all the Canadian stereotypes you can cram into a minute and a half, what’s not to love about this YouTube tribute to the Vancouver Canucks.

My Name Is Johnny Canuck features a bearded woodsman, axe in hand and dog at his side, recounting past beatings by rangers and islanders (hint, hint).

But as the music swells, so does Johnny’s confidence. As a brown bear strolls into frame, we hear our narrator say, “My name is Johnny Canuck. This is my year.”

The video was directed by Adam MacKay-Smith, who plays the hero. MacKay-Smith is the principal behind B.C. entertainment company Sugar High Entertainment.

The video is trending in Canada and will surely take off today in the hours before Game 6, when the Canucks get the chance to win The Cup in Boston.