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Vancouver Riots: Cameras Capture Graphic Beatings (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The Vancouver riots hardly gave the city a moment to reflect on its shattered Stanley Cup dream. Instead, the next day finds a nation reflecting on shattered windows, shops and bones.

Thanks to an unending stream of images, broadcast across the globe, we won't soon forget the teenaged girls kicking at store displays, the masked thugs carting merchandise from shops, and the howls of approval from the mob.

But when the smoke clears, it will be the human toll that most people will remember.

The Canadian Press is reporting at least 150 injuries, with at least one critical. Stories of stabbings, beatings and fractured skulls continue to emerge.

Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu said there were almost 100 arrests during the riots. "This criminal element within the crowd was responsible for the burning of 15 cars, including two police cars," he said.

"By 5 a.m. this morning, we had 120 tips." Chief Chu said the city is committed to finding anyone who destroyed buildings, looted, flipped cars or assaulted people who tried to intervene.

"We got the situation stabilized in three hours," said Chief Chu, praising Vancouver police for their swift action. "In 1994, it took almost six hours," he said, referring to an infamous hockey riot in the city that changed the way the department polices large crowds.

He said last night's riot crowds were three times the size of those in 1994.

Here are a few of the more disturbing stories and images to emerge from the riots.

WARNING: some of these images are graphic.

At the 4:53 mark, a woman finds her car surrounded by rioters. A young man wearing a back pack climbs on the roof and stomps down hard. The woman tries to hold up the vandal, as he slips into the crowd. But the feeding frenzy is already on. More kicks from the crowd land on the car, as the woman tries to stave them off. She pushes. The crowd shoves back.

Just after the three-minute mark in the video above, a man in a baseball hat stands in front of a shop window trying to stave off further looters. He tries to push them away. They push back. Within seconds, he's on the ground, buried in a flurry of punches and kicks.

Every now and then, however, it comes back around.

In the following clip, a young rioter takes a firecracker to the.. umm, groin.

The Vancouver community is also pushing back -- with more than 40,000 people already 'liking' the Facebook group, Vancouver Riot Pics. There seems to have been as many cameras in the crowd as rioters -- and idea the Facebook page capitalizes on.

"Let's post those pictures and put a label on the losers that made this city look so bad, ruined my neighborhood, and acted with out any class what so ever. We know you just took the photos, so post em, and let them speak a thousand words."

The effort has not gone unnoticed.

"The response from the public wanting to help the police identify the individuals involved in last night’s criminal activity has been overwhelming," read a Vancouver Police Department statement issued Thursday.

The department has issued its own instructions on how people can upload and anonymously send videos and images from the riot to investigators.

With a report from Scaachi Koul

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