06/17/2011 03:40 EDT | Updated 08/17/2011 05:12 EDT

Vancouver Riots: Taiwan Animation Depicts Stanley Cup Mobs (VIDEO)

The Vancouver riot has become an international phenomenon.

Taiwanese animators Next Media Animation, known for taking aim at Jersey Shore, WikiLeaks and Tiger Woods, have set their sights on the Vancouver riots. They’ve created an over-the-top video (see below) depicting the events of Wednesday’s mob and the cleanup that followed.

NMA is a Taiwan-based subsidiary of Next Media, a Hong Kong media conglomerate, which creates CGI-animated re-enactments of news stories. It gained international notoriety with its animated version of the Tiger Woods scandal.

This latest video describes the riot as a “4-hour orgy of rioting and looting” and reenacts the now-infamous riot kiss between Scott Jones and Alex Thomas. It shows Vancouverites pushing a Mountie off his horse thanks to “pent-up anger” that Canadians usually release through hockey.

“Peace and order prevails again in Canada,” the video says, “until the next hockey game.”