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Jesus, Churchill And MJ: With Whom Would You Like To Share A Beer?

All week, we've been asking you about beer for our #beereh project with OpenFile. We asked whether you prefer American over Canadian brews, what are your favourite local brands and which old favourites do you prefer for the patio season.

On Thursday via Facebook, we asked who you would like to have a beer with, dead or alive, and why. Here are some of our favourite replies:

Marc Cameron:

"Bill Murray, because that's a guy who would appreciate a beer on a hot day... or a rainy day... or whatever kind of day it is that day."

Dennis Virvilis:

"Jesus Christ, so he can turn A beer into a whole bunch of beers :)"

Wendy Chambers:

"Michael Jackson because I want to know why he died"

Dawn Prince-White:

"My mum...we never got a chance to have a beer together."

Dennis Moeller:

"Sir Winston Churchill. Cause he could probably drink me under the table."

Adam Case:

"Tommy thank him"

Kimberley Dawn Elliott:

"James Dean 'cause it's James Dean!!"

Donna McEachern:

"Hank Williams Senior !!! Because he had a Tear in his Beer."

Dustin Cyril Israel Shaver:

"Leonardo DaVinci. Creatively and Scientifically brilliant for his time, and it would probably be in Italy."

Betty Pirson:

"All my friends that left too soon."

Christie Hill:

"Bob Marley. Why not?"

Bruno Ledoux:

"Dave Grohl. He's the coolest rocker still alive."

Ted Barton:

"My Dad..who is 96...but has been afflicted by Altzeimer's and hasn't been really with us for 5 years.....just would like a chance to talk with him again..."

Gazza Oak:

"tom waits, because hes a legend"

Éric Lachance:

"Noam chomsky"

Michelle Cliffe:

"Martin Luther King Jr. to discuss how he propelled one of the most important social movements in world history, and ask him for tips on how to help animals and our environment based on his experience."

Tammy Gadbois:

"My Mom, just bc i miss her!"

John Lennon was a big favourite — Ray Townsend, Mo Chestnut and Catherine Cornelius all said they'd crack one open with the late Beatle. Read the complete list of suggestions here and here.

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The result will be an interactive picture of the price and popularity of beer in different cities, and the culture of beer-drinking across Canada.

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