06/27/2011 10:33 EDT | Updated 08/27/2011 05:12 EDT

Lyle And Marie McCann, Edmonton Couple, Still Missing After Nearly A Year

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- The family of an Edmonton-area couple missing for almost one year say they have been briefed by RCMP following a search of dense bush in a remote area near Lodgepole in west-central Alberta.

"They said that they've done four searches in the last few weeks and didn't tell us what came of it -- they don't fill us in on the details," said Bret McCann. "They also said there would be upcoming searches but they're leaving it, like, where their investigation takes them is where they're going to search."

Lyle and Marie McCann, who lived in St. Albert, just north of Edmonton, disappeared July 3, 2010, after leaving for B.C. in their motorhome.

Their RV was found burned on July 5, while a vehicle they were towing was discovered abandoned four days later.

Subsequent searches failed to produce any more signs of the couple's whereabouts.

Travis Vader, a man described by Mounties as a person of interest in the disappearance, remains in jail on unrelated charges.

Bret McCann said the officer who briefed him described the investigation as painstakingly slow and very high tech.

"But he said the investigation is still promising, which we found quite reassuring," said McCann. "We've basically adjusted to the reality that my parents are gone. They've had a team working on this for a whole year now and they're still following up on leads. We take a lot of comfort from that. I'm sure they'll resolve this somehow."