06/27/2011 06:05 EDT | Updated 08/27/2011 05:12 EDT

Vancouver Riots Recreated In Lego


This month's Vancouver riots were arguably one of the most traumatic moments in that city's recent history.

And sometimes it takes a bit of play to cope when a bunch of jerks decide to trash your town. One Vancouverite, blogger kimli, is doing her part by recreating scenes from the riot in Lego.

"Real Vancouverites are proud of the Canucks, regardless of last night’s game. Real Vancouverites cheered on their team, congratulated Boston for their win, and went home. They’re outside right now, helping the city clean up yesterday’s mess. They’re identifying people caught on film so the police can track down and punish. Last night was NOT an example of Vancouver – what you see in the hours, days, weeks to come will be the true display of what our city can do.

Don’t blame the actions of a select few on the entire city. We love our home, and we’re doing what we can to help.

Also, sometimes real Vancouverites try to inject a little humour into a horrible situation (with LEGO)," she wrote on her blog.

Here's some of our favourites Lego re-enactments. You can see more on her blog.