06/28/2011 11:19 EDT | Updated 08/28/2011 05:12 EDT

Romeo Cormier Trial: Victim Had Access To Weapons, Trial Hears

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- MONCTON, N.B. - A man charged with kidnapping a New Brunswick woman last year and keeping her captive in his home for almost a month says she had opportunities to overpower him but did not take them.

On his second day of testimony, Romeo Cormier told the jury there were hammers, swords, knives and scissors in his one-room basement apartment.

"What stopped her from hitting me in the head when I was sleeping?" Cormier told the Court of Queen's Bench on Tuesday.

Cormier said he even showed the woman how to use his .22-calibre handgun.

"What stopped her from popping me in the head?" he said.

The defence asked Cormier why he had guns.

"Anyone in the room can tell I'm not an altar boy," Cormier replied.

"Of course I carry a gun to protect myself."

Earlier Monday, Cormier testified that an orange-handled hunting knife was always in view and accessible to the woman.

The 55-year-old woman — whose identity is protected by a publication ban — testified last week that Cormier kept an orange-handled knife in plain view.

Cormier, 63, also said he showered with the woman and shared his toothbrush with her.

He is accused of abducting the woman outside a Moncton mall in February 2010 and holding her against her will for 26 days until she escaped wearing just a T-shirt, underwear and socks while he was out at a food bank.

He has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping, forcible confinement, sexual assault, assault with a weapon, theft and uttering death threats.