07/04/2011 12:37 EDT | Updated 09/03/2011 05:12 EDT

C. Difficile Outbreak In Niagara Region: 15 Dead At Hospitals In Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls

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THE CANADIAN PRESS — NIAGARA FALLS - Demonstrators are planning to protest management of Greater Niagara General Hospital Wednesday as the region’s C. difficile death toll continues to rise.

The total number of deaths in the Niagara region related to the latest outbreak of C. difficile is now 15, with the latest death at Welland Hospital.

The outbreak that’s has also sparked a protest about the area’s health-care system.

A demonstration in front of the Greater Niagara General Hospital is planned for Wednesday to call attention to the community’s concerns about how the hospital is managed.

C. difficile has claimed four lives at the hospital.

Nine others have died at the St. Catharines General hospital and two at the Welland Hospital.

About 42 patients remain in hospital, including 26 who are known to have been infected there.

The Niagara Health will begin providing daily briefings on the situation starting tomorrow.

C. difficile causes diarrhea and travels from person to person through hand contact.

Handwashing is the best way to stop it spreading.