07/07/2011 04:20 EDT | Updated 09/06/2011 05:12 EDT

Robert MacKay, Vancouver Riot Hero, Honoured By The Bay

VANCOUVER - A hero who emerged from the chaos of the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver has been honoured.

Robert MacKay tried to stop a violent mob from smashing the windows of the Bay's downtown flagship store on June 15 but got beaten up for his efforts, and the windows were shattered anyway. His efforts were caught on video and posted online.

The damage has since been fixed and MacKay returned to the store Thursday to be praised by officials of the Bay, his own employer, the Great Canadian Gaming Corp., and police for his attempt to stand up to the crowd.

Bay CEO Richard Baker told MacKay good things happen out of bad things and that his actions on the night of the riot were an inspiration.

MacKay says it's been an incredible experience and he's grateful for all the support he got, but he's also anxious to get back to his job as a sous chef.

MacKay was declared a Hudson's Bay VIP customer for life for his heroics.