07/09/2011 01:41 EDT | Updated 09/08/2011 05:12 EDT

Paragliders Aiding Search For Nova Scotia Man Missing In Utah Foothills


THE CANADIAN PRESS -- HALIFAX - Three powered paragliders are assisting in the search for a Nova Scotia man who is missing in Utah.

Thirty-seven-year-old David Brown hasn't been seen since leaving a house in Moab, nearby the company where he is a skydiving instructor.

Family friend Brian Buckland said in a telephone interview that Brown left the house on June 29 with no belongings and no identification.

Buckland, who is co-ordinating the paraglider search, said the paragliders are looking today for the missing 37-year-old in the foothills area near the town.

He said police have also had dog teams searching the area for any trace of the man.

Police have said the intense heat is a major concern if the man is still in the desert near the community.