07/11/2011 07:15 EDT | Updated 09/10/2011 05:12 EDT

Dan Aykroyd Caught Speeding En Route To Honda Indy Toronto Race


THE CANADIAN PRESS -- TORONTO - Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd, the grand marshal of the Honda Indy Toronto, said he was pulled over for speeding on his way to the race.

Aykroyd drew laughs when he said he had been stopped Sunday as he was "racing to the race."

"You know when you see these races, you want to get into your vehicles and drive home and you do it trying to imitate the driver. That won't be me this afternoon," said the 59-year-old actor, adding the police officer let him off with a warning.

The Ottawa native, who was an original cast member of Saturday Night Live and famous for movies such as Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers, also proposed changing the traditional race intro "Gentleman, start your engines" to "Drivers, start your engines."

Aykroyd is a member of the Order of Canada and has also been inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Aykroyd said he would be watching the Canadian and female drivers with interest but above all was hoping for a safe race.

"I'm hoping that I start a race safely and that it ends safely," he said. "That the most skilled driver wins, that's all that I can hope for today."